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Empowering everyone everywhere to flourish.
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A Worldwide NGO 

US nonprofit 501.c.3

Rather than charging upfront tuition, our programs are offered on a gift giving basis
the practice of generosity. This 2 minute video explains why and how.
(We do charge a $50 Registration Fee to cover basic operational costs.)

Film by AZ TU Films

Why Our Students Love Us

"Imagine's MBSR course is a fantastic program that has something for everyone. Stress reduction and living in the moment has been one key to unlocking my inner child. I am no longer afraid of everything and am learning to be nonjudgmental and kinder to myself, as well."


"Not only is the evidence-based curriculum outstanding, but the instructors are among the most knowledgeable, compassionate, and committed people I’ve ever met - it’s clear from the start that they strive to enable students to benefit fully from the program. "



"This class helped to put me on the path to developing mindfulness in my daily life. Peace and calm take over in the midst of a crazy world. I looked forward to each class and left renewed in body, mind and spirit."


Meet Our Team


Barbora Kostrunkova

Yoga and MBSR Instructor, President, and Founder

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There was a point when I felt lost in today’s never resting, fast world and I sought for alternatives. My journey to living slower and closer to myself has begun - and thanks to IM’s MBSR course I discovered the key importance of awareness in daily life. I feel grateful being part of Imagine Mindfulness and sharing the positive experience with new people, helping them be happier in their lives.

Merel De Boer

Certified MBSR Instructor, Secretary, and Founder

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When I was in my late 20s, working as a social psychologist, training companies, and living live as was expected to be seen as ‘successful’, I realized this was not MY life. Mindfulness has given me the insights to learn about myself, to truly listen to and trust myself and plot my own path. I enjoy teaching MBSR and in doing so helping others navigate their own personal journey to learn about themselves.


Summer Meyer

Executive Director, MBSR Instructor,  and Founder 


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While working in the sustainability field, I realized that change will only be possible with increased awareness of self and the world around us. Coming back to my roots in counseling psychology, I co-founded Imagine because MBSR’s groundedness offers both a professional and a personal framework to develop this much needed skill. I’m passionate about inspiring people to become and embrace their very best self.

Shishir Arya_Headshot.jpg

Shishir Arya

Director Instructor Development Program, Certified Mindfulness Instructor, Board Member, and

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An engineer turned MBA turned consultant, I was perhaps doing well on most metrics except one - happiness. And so I quit, to search for answers. I was fortunate to stumble upon mindfulness - a scientific bridge that helped me unlock a deeper meaning to life. Serving the world through spreading mindfulness unconditionally, especially in the education space, is something that helps me realize my own happiness.

Jerry Cambra

Certified MBSR
Instructor, and Founder

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Heart arrhythmia, anxiety, and a racing mind were my reward for 45 years of a driven, stressful lifestyle. Medication did little to help, but MBSR changed this. I practice MBSR for focus, relaxation, and awareness. I teach MBSR so that others, especially those under 40, may learn to live more skillfully and with ease.

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Dr. Ann Tommaney

Psychologist (Phd) in Residence

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I earned my degree in Clinical Psychology in 2017 and my dissertation, Exploring the Role of Mindfulness in Treating Substance Abuse and Managing Positive Psychotic Symptoms, addressed bringing mindfulness practices to those who struggle with multiple challenging issues. Currently, as an early career psychologist, I am pleased  and very grateful to consult with the Imagine Mindfulness team to help bring the benefits of MBSR to more people in diverse communities.

    Business Studio Portrait Pat Owen--3_edited.jpg

    Pat Owen

    Chair of the Advisory Team and Qigong Instructor

    Pat is a Spring Forest Qigong instructor. Spring Forest Qigong was created by Master Chunyi Lin, an international Qigong Master from China.  This form of Qigong is designed to be very simple to learn and practice, yet very powerful in its benefits.  This practice is one of breathing, focusing your mind, doing very simple body movements, and meditating.

    Contact Us with requests for private group programs or if you live in a geographical area where our current time zones don't work for you!

    Gather a minimum of 3 of your friends or colleagues and and discover the skills to manage stress and experience life more fully!

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