In completing Session Three, we finished the foundation portion of MBSR. We move to the core of the program next week.


In Session One, we defined mindfulness and how it allows us to experience life more fully and completely (the raisin exercise). In Session Two, we learned how our perceptions play a huge role in how we view and react/respond to situations. The boxes (patterns) that we can create for ourselves unconsciously limit our perception, limit finding solutions to difficulties, and as such impair our ability to respond rather than react. Our conclusion to the 9-dots exercise is “there is no box, we created it". 


This week, we discovered how awareness can be both pleasant and powerful. Everyone shared personal experiences with their informal practice. It’s great to hear about your discoveries of awareness in everyday circumstances and about your experiences and challenges with formal practice. The great progress you’ve made in awareness is supported by the formal practice in class and at home. 


It’s critical that you develop a personal formal practice outside of class as well. You've started a life-long journey - while the MBSR program only lasts 8 weeks. Even 10 to 20 minutes a day will take you far beyond our short class time together. See if increased formal practice time outside of class increases your ability to experience life more fully. The formal and informal practices work together! 


Home Practice Session Three

  • Alternate Body Scan and Floor Meditation in Motion: 6 times this week (3 body scans, 3 floor MiM).

  • Sitting Meditation with Awareness of Breath (AOB): 6 times this week (10 to 15 mins.). 

  • Fill out the Unpleasant Events Calendar for each day to share in class.

  • Continue eating one mindful meal once/week.


Optional: FCL Chapters 11-16

Resources for Session THREE (to be found here or on the Course Materials Page) 

  • Unpleasant Events Calendar

  • Standing/Floor Meditation in Motion diagram of postures (these can also be found in Full Catastrophe Living)

  • Home Practice Notes

  • Poem The Journey by Mary Oliver

  • Poem Walk Don’t Run by Rob Bell


Have a wonderful week!


  • The Imagine Team