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Convenience ~ Community ~ Compassion

Empowering everyone everywhere to flourish.

Driven by the spirit of generosity and inclusivity, our available-to-all live online mindfulness programs cultivate curiosity and self-compassion, nurturing self-awareness that supports balancing the body, the mind, and the human spirit. 

A Worldwide NGO (501.c.3 USA Nonprofit)

By equipping our fellow human beings to find peace within, we will help create a more compassionate world.

"Imagine's MBSR course is a fantastic program that has something for everyone. Stress reduction and living in the moment has been one key to unlocking my inner child. I am no longer afraid of everything and am learning to be nonjudgmental and kinder to myself, as well."


"Not only is the evidence-based curriculum outstanding, but the instructors are among the most knowledgeable, compassionate, and committed people I’ve ever met - it’s clear from the start that they strive to enable students to benefit fully from the program. "



"This class helped to put me on the path to developing mindfulness in my daily life. Peace and calm take over in the midst of a crazy world. I looked forward to each class and left renewed in body, mind and spirit."


Rather than charging upfront tuition, our programs are offered on a gift giving basis
the practice of generosity. This 2 minute video explains why and how.
(We do charge a $50 Registration Fee to cover basic operational costs.)

Film by AZ TU Films

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