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MBSR Research and More

Mindfulness Interventions
David Cressman

On the effects of Mindfulness and "dosing" considerations.

This article ties to our
"Every moment is a Meditation" Newsletter

(p. 506 excerpt)

Treatment of Anxiety Disorders etc.
Miller, Fletcher, and Kabat-Zinn

A three-year follow-up and Clinical Implications of an MBSR Intervention - from the founder of MBSR - showing clinically and statistically significant improvement in treating anxiety.

Increase in Brain Grey Matter Density.
Holzel, Carmody, Vangel et al

Participation in MBSR is associated with changes in gray matter concentration in brain regions involved in learning and memory processing, emotion regulation, self-referential processing, and perspective taking.

MBSR and Patients with Chronic Headaches
Bakhshani, Amirani et al

MBSR can be used as a non-pharmacological intervention for improvement the quality of life and development of strategies to cope with pain in patients with chronic headache. 

MBSR resulted in a reduction in clinic Systolic Blood Pressure and Diastolic BP compared with patients enrolled in Progressive Muscle Relaxation training.

Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli discuss MBSR Research in this clip from the CFM 30th Anniversary video

Jon Kabat-Zinn introduces the 9 Attitude of Mindfulness and how to use them in daily life.
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On Kindness, Love,

and NeuroPlasticity =

A Focus at Imagine Mindfulness.

(click on the image to listen to the Podcast.)

Kindness, Love, and Neuroplasticity
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