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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes us unique?

Our program is one of the first LIVE ONLINE MBSR programs in the world and it is the first one being taught by CERTIFIED Online MBSR instructors. (Our MBSR Certification is granted by Brown University, in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Medical Center where MBSR originated with Jon Kabat-Zinn.) Each of our classes is taught by certified and qualified instructors and our classes max out around 13 students. This allows for more individual attention while at the same time our students report that they rather quickly develop a strong sense of community with their fellow Imaginers, who are from all over the world.

Q. What is your TIN / EIN?

Imagine is an international NGO / a US 501.c.3 nonprofit. Our Taxpayer Identification Number / Employee Identification Number is 35-2766947.

Q: How does registration and contributing work?

A: The founders of Imagine Mindfulness are passionate about being able to offer the benefits of our LIVE Online MBSR Program to a wide audience. We will ask for a contribution up to $350 after you finish Week Six - based on your income level and on how you feel you have benefitted from the program. Other providers will charge up to $650 and more. We do ask our students for a $50 registration fee, to be paid after our initial interview with you, to hold your place and to help us offset administrative costs. We have a PayPal account set up for these donations. If you don't haven a PayPal account rest assured that it is really easy to set one up via this PayPal account link. It is possible to pay in Euros or South African Rand also: if you have a European or South African account, you can select $50 (dollars) and it will still be taken from your account in Euros or Rand (or any other currency). (Direct link to the registration fee page.)

Q. Why contribution based tuition?

At Imagine, we believe that all should have access to benefits of MBSR. We are passionate about bringing those benefits to the world. As a world-wide program, we recognize the disparity in income and want to make sure that everyone has access to this program. In that spirit, we make our tuition contribution or “donation - dāna - based”. AFTER week Seven of Imagine's MBSR you may contribute what you wish based on the benefit you received and on your income level. Other live online courses range between $250 - $725. If you can afford a higher contribution level, please consider contributing more. It is a way for you to provide access for those with limited resources. Visit our GIFT GIVING page for more information.

Q: What are the exact times and dates of our program?

A: Please visit our Schedule / Sign Up page.

Q. What is IM's definition of Mindfulness?

A: "Intentional, nonjudgmental awareness through attention, right here, right now, with curiosity and compassion." 

Q: Is MBSR a form of therapy?

A: MBSR is health education, not therapy. The course offers an opportunity for you to participate in improving your health by developing tools to better manage stress. MBSR works in support of treatments for physiological and psychological conditions. Please contact your doctor or therapist immediately if you develop any health concerns and let us know so that we can be as supportive as possible of the decisions you make!

Q: Are there any age restrictions?

A: At this point, Imagine offers classes for ages 18 and up. Among our alumni we count quite a number of parents with younger children and we supply these parents informal support. We are looking at expanding our courses to include different age groups.

Q: What happens in the program sessions?

A: Each session consists of a time of formal practice (meditation or mindful movement), a small group time where practice experiences are shared, and a discussion time in a larger group designed to help participants develop the tools to increase awareness and improve stress response. 

Q: Why is meditation used in the program?

A: Meditation is directing attention to just one thing. By doing this we can learn to quiet the mind from the continuous stream of thoughts and be more present and aware in our own lives. This awareness helps us manage stress.

Q: Is there anything else I should know about this program?

A: Yes. In addition to the Intake Form, we ask everyone to participate in online Program Questionnaires. This allows Imagine Mindfulness to improve the online experience. We do not share information with any third party. See our Privacy Policy.


Q: Do alumni receive any particular benefits?

A: Yes. Alumni are part of our Imagineers community and can, of course, retake any course by just paying the registration fee. They are welcome to attend any Retreat Day. Furthermore, alumni always continue to have access to our instructors. We are also interested in expanding our classes and are in the process of designing special workshops. 

Q: Do you have any research resources posted on the website?

A: Yes, please find them on this page!

Q: Where can I read previous Imagine ... Newsletters?

A: Please click on this link!

Q: What online platform do you use and what does it look like?

A: We use the Zoom platform. Zoom is easy to install and very consumer friendly. This is what a session might look like on your computer screen (students in our first pilot class gave permission to take a screenshot).

"Imagine all the people

Living for today

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will be as one."

                        - John Lennon

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