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Many physical, psychological and emotional health benefits of MBSR have been reported in the scientific literature. While the below are personal testimonies, overall they follow what the research indicates. We emphasize active engagement in the program, with openness and curiosity, suspension of judgement, and a sense of healthy questioning. Of course, benefits greatly increase with consistent practice. Generally people report

  • that they cope better with existing difficult conditions, pain, and stress.

  • that they develop a greater capacity to better care for themselves.

  • that they experience increased awareness and concentration.

Lourdes S-L

I am so grateful to have been able to take Imagine Mindfulness' MBSR course.  The teachers are all so kind, generous, and welcoming. Being in community with the other participants, really connecting and sharing our experiences was such a blessing.  Through this experience I was able to deepen my practice, expand my capacity for inner quiet, patience, and calm. Now I am able to more consistently find that space between stimulus and response.

Kathleen A.

"I highly recommend Imagine Mindfulness MBSR for the life changing experience available to all. The eight week program is wonderful! I looked forward to each class and left with new insights. The instructors are very knowledgeable, compassionate and committed."

Sr. Rose Ann

"II am grateful for this experience of MBSR. Eight sessions is not enough to really learn about MBSR. Thank you for all our instructors for being a living witness of kindness, compassion, acceptance, and nonjudgmental. Continue sharing your knowledge and practice so that this way kindness will be felt by each person in the world. Congratulations!"

Gita S.

"Imagine's MBSR is the best group that I have ever participated in. It has given me the power to face life challenges more equipped. I am planning to continue working on the skills that I have learned from this course."

Janet P.

"Gratitude is a word that is not strong and deep enough to describe the appreciation I have for this course and the Value and Love I have for the skill, kindness, generosity and compassion of the teachers/facilitators and the authentic and beautiful shared experiences with the students. This is a community that will Nourish My Soul and Nurture My Heart for life.Thank You."

Lisa P.

"Imagine's MBSR course is a fantastic program that has something for everyone. Stress reduction and living in the moment has been one key to unlocking my inner child. I am no longer afraid of everything and am learning to be nonjudgmental and kinder to myself, as well. For those herculean accomplishments, I am indebted to their teachings, their sharing of their hearts, and the support they have given. I am a better, more compassionate person, too, as I have learned to heal. Saying thank you is simply not enough."

Amy H.

"I have taken meditation classes and have practiced off and on for years and do co-lead a weekly meditation class and this MBSR course is anything but basic or elementary. It is a challenge and a reminder of the continued use of mindfulness, a lifelong practice. I like the on-line ease of the course, being in my house with access to my kitchen, bathroom, pooch but with the added opportunity to share and video conference with the others in other parts of the world - that is so amazing! I love the length of the course as it allows those of us that procrastinate to keep on track. I like the homework and self-reflection opportunities."

Tristan M. 

"Imagine Mindfulness gave me the ability to recognize and act upon what was most affecting my life. By calming my mind and becoming aware of my thoughts, I was able to identify what was causing me anxiety, and the meditation practice gave me the tools to overcome it. The online classes work really well and the format of each class gives you the opportunity to work with groups of different sizes, so regardless of your comfort level there will be a class size that works for you. I highly recommend this course, it is truly helpful and has made me a much stronger person."

Janet Z.

"I highly recommend the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program offered by Imagine Mindfulness. Not only is the evidence-based curriculum outstanding, but the instructors are among the most knowledgeable, compassionate, and committed people I’ve ever met - it’s clear from the start that they strive to enable students to benefit fully from the program. The eight week series is life-changing - I can’t recommend Imagine Mindfulness and the team of instructors enough."

Lauri V. 

"Participation in the Imagine Mindfulness Meditation class helped me in many ways. During this eight week course, I was able to reduce my anxiety level by noticing my negative thinking. I began allowing myself to accept that it was okay for me to take time to for myself. In fact, I gave myself permission to return to playing the piano. I was able to open up to the idea of new career opportunities and passions. I am grateful to be more mindful. This practice has improved my enjoyment of life greatly."

Nikki M.

"Over eight weeks of class I built a practice of small but consistent moments of mindfulness. The support of my classmates helped fine-tune any problems that cropped up during the course and provided support during my journey to reduce stress."

Elisabeth M. 

"Mindfulness has helped me to develop the habit of taking time for reflection, rest, and self-care throughout the day as well as to set aside extended time to do this regularly on a deeper level. Mindfulness has helped me open myself up to new possibilities in responding to things that happen in my life rather than reacting immediately from patterns that don't serve me well. I greatly enjoyed working with everyone on the Imagine Mindfulness team. They were all so kind, responsive, and supportive."

Cynthia W.

"Participating in the online MBSR class, taught by Jerry and Merel, was such a helpful experience. I learned many great techniques that have helped me in my daily life. The community that developed through the class continues to be a blessing."

Joan S.

"This class helped to put me on the path to developing mindfulness in my daily life. Peace and calm take over in the midst of a crazy world. The staff was supportive and the sharing that took place among class participants made me feel right at home. I looked forward to each class and left renewed in body, mind and spirit. Give yourself the gift of time; even just a few minutes of quiet meditation, bringing awareness to the breath and being in the moment. This class was a gift to myself which ends up being a gift to others as it has affected my outlook and how I respond (rather than react) to situations  around me."

Patricia R. 

"Participating in the eight-week Imagine Mindfulness classes has been a life-changing experience for me. It was not ‘easy’, because I had to discipline myself to do self-care/homework and participate in a remote classroom. This meant to forgo the usual reliance on body language to communicate. It took me a few weeks to fully understand the importance of doing, versus understanding the homework, and I now see that that too was part of my learning process. It isn’t always easy to see change when it's personal, and even less to see it over time - at least for me. But what happened to me was spectacular: I instantly became happier and I opened up. I felt a shift toward greater personal independence and easy acceptance of life as it unfolds around me. I’ve learned to steal moments of peace and quiet to find the calm and joy that the initial IM meditations gave and give me. Learning MBSR with IM changed the way I think about myself and empowered me to do the things I really want to do. It was and is a real gift!"

(Disclamer: We cannot guarantee results from participating in an MBSR program.)​

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