Donations - Dāna

Our $50 registration fee partly covers our administrative costs. *

At Imagine Mindfulness we truly believe in the benefits of our programs - and we are passionate about bringing those benefits to the world. We all understand that there are huge discrepancies in income; furthermore, the value of a set amount of money does not have the same market value everywhere. To make sure that everyone who wants to attend can attend, we offer our programs on a donation - dāna - basis. This gives everyone the opportunity to donate what is available to them. 


Dāna means gift, and generosity. It is a spontaneous grateful offering when filled with appreciation of that which was received. Operating from dāna was a decision we made intentionally: our vision is to be there for you, our students, to develop a community of people who learn and grow together, a “we consciousness”. We hope you receive benefit from our classes, benefit that you will bring back into your daily life for the rest of your life, benefit that you would like to share with society at large by supporting our efforts. 


Some students have asked for guidance in dāna/donation. There are many ways you can think of this, and of course eventually it comes down to what is available to you, what the course has been worth to you, and your own practice of generosity. Generosity is a voluntary choice, spreading open its petals when mindfulness blossoms. Please know that we are appreciative of any donation.


Some ways to think about your donation:

  • What is the teaching worth to you on a per hour rate? Every course consists of nine classes, each class is 2.5 hours and the All Day Retreat clocks in at 6 hours, making this a 28.5 hour program - plus time for preparation and administration.

  • What would you pay for a yoga class or language class or other skill class per hour?

  • Classes around the world vary from very expensive to free. Live MBSR classes, in-person or online, range from $250 to $725/ R4500 to R13 250/€ 230 to €660. Self-study classes can be found for free.

  • Paying 0.5 % of your yearly income (if you earn $40,000 on a yearly basis, this would be $200).

  • If you want to share this experience with people all over the world and you have the financial opportunity to do so, donating a bit extra is a way to pay it forward to someone else who has less to donate.


We appreciate any donation and feel grateful for your practice of generosity.

Please reach out to us via email if you would like to join a class and do not have the monetary means to donate.

* Our upfront $50 registration fee partly covers basic costs such as our Zoom membership, our website, consultants, and taxes. This does not include any of us earning any salary.