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3:00 AM Welcome/Mindful check in


3:10 AM Meditation in Motion – Yoga 


3:40 AM Body Scan Meditation


4:25 AM Break


4:30 AM Loving Kindness Meditation


5:15 AM Food Meditation


5:50 AM Walking Meditation


6:00 AM Acknowledgment & Poems


6:15 AM Interpractice Meditation


7:05 AM Meditation in Motion - Qi Gong 


7:30 AM Food Meditation + Break


7:50 AM Body Scan Meditation


8:35 AM Meditation in Motion - Chair Yoga


9:00 AM Guided Sitting Meditation


9:45 AM Walking Meditation + Break


10:10 AM Loving Kindness Meditation


10:55 AM Meditation with Music


11:30 AM Dissolve silence and integrate small groups 


11:40 AM Stay to Share/Farewell

Image by Jared Rice


Sample agenda (9 hours)


All times are in Pacific Time (PT)

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