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Reducing Stress and Living Life with More Ease in Imagine’s
Live Online
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course.

Approaching your life with curiosity and compassion and engaging in your own self-care.

✔ Certified Instructors

✔ Live Online Classes

✔ Evidence-Based

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Stop your spinning mind, replaying the past or rehearsing the future. Develop your own creative options to deal with such challenges as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and physical pain.

Enjoy the many benefits of the evidence-based MBSR program.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is an eight-week program that has been scientifically shown to be an effective complement to a wide variety of treatments for these conditions. 

In Imagine's MBSR classes you will learn to actively manage the effects of chronic stress on your life by learning mind and body awareness techniques. 

Through mindfulness and meditation training we assist you to participate in your own self-care and contribute to your personal growth. Your concentration, creativity, and (self) compassion will bloom along the way. 

95% of our students report reduced stress

“This course gave me the ability to recognize and act upon what was most affecting my life. By calming my mind and becoming aware of my thoughts, I was able to identify what was causing my anxiety, and the meditation practice gave me the tools to overcome it.” 

—  Tristan M.

The Imagine MBSR Program

We approach MBSR as a living growing approach to life, designed to adapt to a changing world.
Online teaching expertise

Exclusively teaching the MBSR Program Live Online since 2017. 

Live online classes

Limited class size with small and large group discussions in a safe and supportive environment.

Supportive community

Experts in connecting people inter-nationally. Imagine is committed to improving health and well-being regardless of your life experience, perspective, or the place where you live.

Certified instructors

MBSR instructors who are certified by the University of Massachusetts and by Brown University (US).

Personal support

Individual mindfulness coaching when enrolled in one of our mindfulness programs. Expertise in encountering all with compassion and curiosity.

A worldwide NGO

Students attend from the comfort of their homes from all over the world. Imagine is a US nonprofit 501.c.3. which allows your donation to be tax deductible in the US.

Thank you for subscribing!

About the MBSR Online Program


We offer the official 8-Week MBSR Course. This program consists of 2 ½ hour sessions per week and a day long retreat the Saturday after Week Six. We generally offer a Fall, Winter, and Spring Program.

Class Setup

All classes are live online (using Zoom) in the comfort of your own home. Each session consists of a time of formal practice (meditation or mindful movement), a small group time where practice experiences are shared, and a discussion time in a larger group designed to help participants develop the tools to increase awareness and improve stress response. 

Course materials

Home practice instructions, MBSR handbook, and guided mindfulness meditation audio files are all provided online. 

Guided mindfulness meditation practices consist of awareness of breath, walking meditations, body scans, loving kindness, mindful motion etc.

Course Schedule

  • Orientation ~ Program Overview and Logistics

  • Week 1 ~ What is Mindfulness?

  • Week 2 ~ Perception and Responding Creatively 

  • Week 3 ~ The Power and Pleasure in Awareness

  • Week 4 ~ Defining Stress and Discussing Reactivity 

  • Week 5 ~ Responding and Recovering

  • Week 6 ~ Skillful Communications

  • Practice Day Retreat ~ An Extended Time in Practice

  • Week 7 ~ Integrating Mindfulness Fully into Daily Life

  • Week 8 ~ Reviewing The Program and Living Life


$50 registration fee. At Imagine, we believe that all should have access to benefits of MBSR. We are passionate about bringing those benefits to the world. As a world-wide program, we recognize the disparity in income and want to make sure that everyone has access to this program. In that spirit, we promote a system of generosity instead of commercial exchange. 


After week Seven of Imagine's MBSR you may contribute what you wish based on the benefit you received and on your income level. Other live online courses range between $250 - $725. If you can afford a higher contribution level, please consider giving more. It is a way for you to provide access for those with limited resources.


Visit our donation page for more information.

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Give yourself this gift of discovering how to live with less stress. We would love to welcome you!

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